Kitesurf spots Vietnam

kitesurf spots Vietnam
As most of you probably know we are travelling during winter time to Vietnam.
Why you might ask? Well because of the many kitesurf spots Vietnam has, and the kiteboard conditions over there are great! On top of that we just kinda fell in love with the culture and it feels like having our second home over there.

But that is not the reason for writing this post. We want to let you know that some of our friends started something new over there and knowing them it’s going to be something great, we can’t wait to go there again. But first we will hopefully have a windy autumn season coming up at our beautiful spot at Lake Champlain.

If you are considering to escape the wintertime, Vietnam is a great place to go to, not only for kiteboarding, Vietnam has a rich culture, super friendly people and delicious food! If you do want to go there for kiteboarding pay the guys from The Spot a visit. They can arrange everything for you to have an unforgettable experience in Vietnam. And who knows maybe we will see eachother there!

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Impression of The Spot Vietnam
Some of the kitesurf spots Vietnam has

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