Kiteboarding Lessons

All kiteboarding lessons are taught by PASA certified instructors.
Rates are $55 per hour per person in groups of 2 or more, $70 per hour for private lesson and $100 per hour with the jet ski or boat.

Go fly a kite

1 Hour
An introduction for those interested in kiteboarding but not ready to commit. We will teach you how to fly the 1.8m, 2 line kite in the wind window and begin your kite flying skills. If you love this, you will want to continue with our “Launch Into Kiteboarding” course.

    Launch into kiteboarding

    3 Hours 
    Launch Into Kiteboarding is the place to start!! This 3 hour course includes a 20 minute classroom portion, then hands on with a harness and control bar simulator to learn and practice all the skills needed to fly a large LEI kite, pump up kite and set out lines and practice more so you can safely get into the water on a windy day. This class can be taught anytime, regardless of weather conditions (except thunderstorms). It is the foundation of skills and knowledge you NEED.

    • Understanding the windwindow
    • Kiteboarding safety
    • Managing the control bar
    • Practice your stance, steering and safety systems with a harness
    • Put the board and control bar together on land; working on power strokes and body dragging techniques
    • Setting up a “LEI” kite
    • Simulate launching and landing of a kite
    • Practice self-rescue and exit on land
    • Learn kiter safety and resposibility

    How to fly

    2 Hour
    How to Fly requires that you have taken our Launch Into Kiteboarding course or a similar one. We do need some wind for this class. Generally, it is one to two hours long.

    • Full gear and safety review
    • Kite set up, line management and pre-flight inspection
    • Launching and landing a kite
    • Fly an LEI kite in the wind window with control
    • Water re-launching
    • Body drag in both directions and upwind for board retrieval
    • Perform a self-rescue and exit techniques in the water

    Get up and ride

    2 Hours
    This course follows our How to Fly, once you have demonstrated good kite flying skills, done body dragging in both directions and performed the self-exit/self rescue, you are ready to get up and ride. Generally one to two hours on a windy day.

    • Review kite flying in the wind window
    • Manage kite with the board
    • Learn how to waterstart
    • Transition from waterstart to basic riding
    • How to ride upwind
    • Self-rescue and exit

    Transitions/the sky is the limit

    2 Hours
    You will need to be able to independently get up and ride before taking this course. We take you by jet ski or boat to our deep water location. You can ride freely with no obstructions or other kiters! We follow you and stay in contact via 2 way radios, pretty cool!

    • Learn the basic slide transition
    • Carve transitions
    • Jump transitions
    • Try toe-side transitions
    • Get some air – Jump!
    • Try a backroll
    • The sky is the limit.

    *Wind direction and lake level determine the kiteboarding lesson location.
    St Albans deep water site requires use of jet ski
    $100 per hour.

    Lesson plan

    At Nortshore Kite N Paddle we believe that safety is one of the key things to ensure you that you are able to have fun on the water. See what to expect when you take lessons with our PASA certified kiteboarding instructors. Book your lesson today and start enjoying this beautiful sport with us Contact Us

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