Our Story

How we became PASA certified kiteboarding instructors.
Curt and Jerri windsurfed for over 30 years, dragging their 5 children to windy beaches worldwide, it was their passion. During a slow windsurfing session at the Gorge, Curt was enthralled by the kiters screaming by. At the time kitesurfing was quite dangerous, equipment did not have the safety features that are standard now. Pro athletic friends advised them against the sport. That spring, Curt and Jerri met with their children in Hatteras. Unbeknownst to them, son Jordan had been kite skiing in Utah and fell in love with kiting. He and Curt literally snuck away and purchased Kiteboard equipment. Jerri refused to simply launch and land kites so she also jumped in and learned. Just 2 years later they were fortunate to find the perfect camp on the shores of Lake Champlain, no more chasing the wind! Their Middlebury house sold quickly and with Curt’s carpentry skills, they soon had a comfortable home and a functional kite school right on the water. Jordan, Curt and Jerri spent a week in Hatteras to become PASA certified kiteboarding instructors. We are proud of our commitment to offer safe and fun kiteboarding lessons on Lake Champlain. Add the sale and rental of Stand Up Paddleboards for the non-wind days and a little Paradise was created!

PASA Certified Kiteboarding Instructors

We are your Kiteboarding School with PASA certified kiteboarding instructors, PASA stands for: Professional Air Sports Association. We are also your Stand Up Paddle Center.

Our location

Located on the northern shores of beautiful Lake Champlain in St Albans Bay, Vermont; surrounded by state owned islands, we have the ideal spot for water sports.

The team

Curt Benjamin

Manager / PASA certified kiteboarding instructor

Curt has been fanatical about wind sports for over 30 years. Now, if he’s not kiting, he’s talking about kiting.

Jordan Benjamin

President / PASA certified kiteboarding instructor and SUP instructor

Jordan has been kiting since 2006 and tested the waters in Lake Champlain, Hood River, California, Oregon, Costa Rica, Africa, Cape Hatteras, and Mexico. He has taught lessons in Hood River, OR, Cape Hatteras, NC, and Burlington, VT.

Jerri Benjamin

CEO / PASA certified kiteboarding instructor and SUP instructor

As a certified personal trainer for over 20 years, Jerri can not say enough about the many benefits of kiteboarding and Stand Up Paddling. Her exuberant enthusiasm and knowledge of the watersports will ignite your fire!

Erin Benjamin

Marketing / Communications / SUP Instructor

Erin learned to kite in Cape Hatteras, NC in 2009 (taught by husband, Jordan). Young Nash now has a little brother, Cassel! Two little boys have limited her time on the water but she still enjoys getting out there and letting her hair blow back. She is loving the accessibility and ease of jumping on the paddleboard these days!

Our Location

We are quite centrally located; on the gorgeous northern shores of Lake Champlain, surrounded by State owned islands. Only 45 minutes from Burlington, VT, 1 ½ hours from Montreal, 3 ½ hours from Boston and 6 hours from New York City. Our quiet spot is very private, no public store front or access, so all visitors must call or e-mail in advance to schedule an appointment.